Northwest Management Exclusive, Inc.

| Serving Vancouver, WA
(360) 892-8798

A Sample of Our Services

  • Screening of tenants.
  • Paying of all monthly bills, including mortgage and contract payments.
  • Supplying of all necessary lease or rental agreements, rental applications, rent receipts, apartment condition reports, and all other documents required to meet Washington's Landlord/Tenant Laws or other applicable statutes.
  • Handling of tenant disputes and arranging legal action for eviction and/or collections.
  • Reviewing rents regularly.
  • Accounting for all tenant deposits.
  • Supervising maintenance required to maintain your investment.
  • Providing of an in-house maintenance department at an excellent price; maintenance completed in a timely manner.
  • Providing of detailed monthly statements accounting for all income and disbursements.
  • Providing of a 24 hour answering service to maintain a high level of communication, occupancy, and emergency services.
  • Conducting regular interior and drive-by inspections.
  • Coordinating of all advertising as needed.
  • Disbursing of all tenant deposit refunds and supplying of required documentation.
  • Notifying a client prior to expending any excessive expense relating to managed units.
  • Maintaining client trust accounts. All collected rents and deposits subject to periodic auditing by the Washington Real Estate Commission.