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Application Process

We at Northwest Management Exclusive will make every effort to qualify you for the property you select, or to pre-qualify you for a property you select in the future. There are certain guidelines we follow, and the steps to selecting your new rental home are as follows:

  1. Select a property and note the address. We then request you do a drive by viewing of the property. You may then stop by our office and arrange an inside viewing of the property. You may also prequalify for renting a property through Northwest, and in the event you are prequalifying you will not be requested to do the viewing until you select a specific property.
  2. Review our general rental requirements below, and complete our rental application, which we will forward to you upon your request. Please note our nonrefundable application fee is $50.00 for each applicant.
  3. Once your application has been approved, you will be notified and a move in date will be decided. The deposits and fees will be due within 48 hours of notification and you will generally be required to take possession within 48 hours. Once the home is ready, you will be required to perform a walkthrough on the same day just before signing your rental agreement. Keys will then be issued and you may move into your new rental home!

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Rental Guidelines

  • We accept only one application at a time per property. This holds the property until the application is approved or denied. If denied, the property is then available for the next person to apply. All applications are processed on a "first come/first serve" basis. We do not make a waiting list or accept backup applications. Tenancy less than six months is subject to security deposit forfeit.
  • We require prospective tenants to do an interior walk through of the unit prior to applying, except in the case of prequalification applicants. In the event you are pre-qualifying as a tenant, you will not be required to do a viewing until you select a specific property.
  • We check three main areas, and require the following information:
    • All occupants' 18 years old or older living in the unit must fill out an application and be approved. We have the right to limit the number of occupants in a unit.
    • Employment Verification: There must be a verifiable monthly income that is three times the monthly rent amount. We do not count food stamps, unemployment, or child support as income. Current earnings statement required at the time of signing of the rental agreement. Note: With roommates, if one or more applicants do not meet the income requirement but DO have shared rental history or shared credit references of at least 1(one) year we may combine the incomes to qualify you; however, an additional security deposit may be required.
    • Residence History: We must be able to contact current and previous landlords. We need at least three years of favorable rental history. Relatives and friends cannot be considered landlord references.
  • Credit Reporting: We obtain a credit report on all applicants which includes a search on criminal background, unlawful detainers and other information we may need. If you have credit problems, please discuss this with us before applying so that we can assess your application. We do not want to charge an application fee if we know if advance it will be denied.
  • If your application is approved you will be required to pay the DEPOSIT AND FEES within 48 hours IN THE FORM OF A CASHIER'S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER(S), except in the case of pre-qualification. The FULL FIRST MONTH'S RENT will be due IN THE FORM OF A CASHIER'S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER(S), when the home is ready for occupancy (PLEASE SUBMIT A SEPARATE PAYMENT FOR THE SECURITY/FEES AMOUNT AND A SEPARATE PAYMENT FOR RENT, as these are held in two separate accounts per state statutes). If the home is ready at the time of application, the full deposit, rents and fees are due at that time. If this falls any time other than the first of the month, the second month's rent will be prorated, not the first. Rent starts when the home is ready for occupancy. We do not hold homes.
  • If you are submitting an application for pre-qualification, once you have been qualified for a specific rental amount, your application will be held open for up to sixty (60) days for you to designate a specific unit. Once you have designated a unit, your application will be, in most instances, subject only to re-verification of employment information. Deposits, fees and rents will be due within 48 hours of the final approval of your application, after you have designated a unit.
  • False information given on an application is cause for automatic denial. We must be able to verify all information on the application. As noted previously, references from relatives and friends will not be considered.
  • We will require a copy of your current Driver's License or State ID card. Your Social Security Card may also be required if requested by the Credit Reporting Agency.
  • The $50.00 application fee for each adult is non-refundable whether the application is approved or denied. Questions about your credit report cannot be answered by this office. You will be given appropriate credit reporting company's telephone numbers to call if you are denied due to adverse credit information. Lack of verifiable information is also a reason for denial.

If you have any questions about our application process, please ask our staff.